The Gambia is in the midst of a transition. Time will tell if it is a peaceful one or not. This week we received this letter from one of our friends on the ground:

It has not been easy for me all this while, especially with the current situation of what is going on in this country of ours. The tide of tension is getting higher and no one feels secure and safe any longer. All we do is to pray every day that God grant us peace.

There are reports of soldiers coming into the country. Though the government seems quiet for the time being, no one knows what plans he has. Everyone feels that he is going to put up some resistance, which may lead to a battle.

People everywhere are going out shopping for food to keep as reserve. In case the situation goes sour, many have fled the country. Just earlier this week there were flights from Conakry, Nigeria and Senegal that came to pick up their dignitaries, and some are traveling on the roads. As of late, you hardly see a non-Gambian walking in street, as it used to be.

My sister, I wish this situation wouldn't have meet me here. This is why I fought so hard to leave this country, which did not happen. I knew the Gambia is not an exception of conflict. You could tell of it your self while you were here, by the nature of the government. But by virtue of reason that is not known to me, God has allowed me to be here in this country, which we love so much. On the street here you hear people, especially young youths, giving out disrespecting remarks and posing violence. This has never been the nature of the Gambian people who lived with the slogan "Gambia, no problem."

I feel less secure behind my own doors. Last year, for me, was the roughest and toughest year of my life. I experienced hunger and fatigue.

I understand what this situation could lead to if it gets out of hand. It will destroy our young stars, and the nation at large.

All schools in the country are closed. People hardly go to work now-a-days. On the streets of Banjul you see groups of soldiers, and in other places barricades have been pitched in all corners. And you find soldiers standing holding live weapons everywhere.

My sister, I wish every thing resolves in a peaceful way so that everything will return to the way it used to be. Your thoughts and prayers are really appreciated. I will continue to update you with the present issues at hand.

God bless