The past month has been one of transition in The Gambia. With the political transition came great fear. Many student in our Rise Gambia program fled the country with their families in the face of insecurity about the future of the country. Thankfully, although things did not play out perfectly, life on the ground has been returning to what it used to be, with a renewed sense of peace and hope. In the first Rise Gambia gatherings following the political impasse, students had the opportunity to write and share their own stories. They also reflected on the meaning of peace. Here are a few of their thoughts.

I had never known the importance of peace until when we were about to lose it. Families fleeing, women delivering on their run for their lives and that of the children, and my experience as a refugee; I could have never imagined how this looked like. Peace is the most precious gift. I am urging my fellow Gambians to embrace it for good. - Aji Amie Secka

Amie Aji Secka

Gambians have crossed the border for the safety of their lives. Some were homeless in other countries. It has been a great joy to Gambia that there is now hope...

The word peace stands for everything. Without peace, nothing on earth can be. The importance of peace brings a lot in a state. The importance of peace makes us to be a happy and comfortable family, because when there is a war all over, there will be no happiness at all. - Sana Fatty


The majority of the people running out of the country for their lives were children. These are the same children who were once waving and chanting along the road every now and then, and some pointed out these wonderful moments were not deserved. Now we are a smiling coast. - Aminata Jobe